Lose the weight now

What are we waiting for? We know when it’s time to lose weight. We spend a lot of energy talking about it and learning how to do it, but that alone doesn’t slim us down.  The hardest part is actually starting, and then staying motivated until we meet the goal.  There’s no better time than now, so take the leap by making a commitment to succeed, creating a plan for a healthy you and rallying the support of others.  Let’s set the date to lose the weight now.

Make the Commitment for You

Self-motivation is key to any weight loss program. If you try to battle the bulge only because other people want you to, you won’t succeed.  List the reasons that inspire you to lose weight and keep it handy.  You probably want to be healthier and look good, but there may be many more personal reasons such as actively devoting more time to your children or grandchildren, or participating in fun activities with friends. Writing down all the good reasons to lose the weight now helps to stick them in your mind and reinforces your drive.  And finally alter your attitude with positive thoughts and images.  As put so nicely by Samuel Johnson knock the “t” off the “I Can’t” because You Can!

Set Sensible Goals and a Working Plan

Setting unrealistic goals to lose weight ASAP only leads to frustration, then a loss of motivation.  And failing to plan is another reason why diets fail. Studies suggest that creating a personal action plan that includes a sensible diet and exercise program is critical to achieving results. To lose the weight now and take a bite out of your dieting efforts follow the recognized weight loss guidelines of no more than 1-2 pounds per week.  Start with an initial achievable goal of 5 to 10% of your current weight.  Set your start date and goal date, with 5 pound milestones in between, and then celebrate when you reach them.   Research also shows that keeping a daily diet journal is a powerful weight loss tool, which helps you to think about your long term goal while staying focused on short term milestones and successes.

Bolster Up Support to Stay on Course

Trying to lose the weight now is challenging enough, but going at it alone can weigh down your motivation.  So enlist the help of your family, friends and coworkers into the program. Even if they don’t need to lose weight you can encourage a healthy lifestyle with good eating habits and lots of activity.

Make Healthy Eating Habits a Family Affair

Invite your kids on grocery shopping trips to help them select nutritious foods and snacks. Apart from getting them to eat better, you’ll keep sweet temptations out of your house, mind and mouth.  Encourage your family to plan and prepare healthy meals in the kitchen with you.  That way you’ll avoid cooking one meal for yourself and another for them, making your dieting efforts so much easier.

Go from Gadget Fatigue to Get-Up-and-Go

To lose the weight now accelerate your physical activity. Turn off the TV, computer and electronic gadgets then take the family outdoors for a playful game of basketball or afternoon in the park. It’s not only fun and healthy, but you’ll also spend quality time with your partner or kids, while dropping the pounds.

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Join a Support Group

After you start a diet program, the most difficult periods usually occur during the fourth and eight week when enthusiasm starts to fade.  If you’re not highly motivated, studies show a weight loss support group does wonders to help you stay on track. So what are you waiting for? By following these proven tips, you can lose the weight now!